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At Pure Stoves & Fireplaces, we offer guidance & advice on appliances that will suit your home and needs. We are a supply only company but we work very closely with HETAS installers who are as passionate as we are about ensuring your installation is carried out in a safe manor, & we aim to provide information to highlight the need to install efficiently and within the regulations of the building regulations (ADJ).

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Pure Stoves & Fireplaces was formed in May 2012. I believe you will be interested in some of the reasons behind why the company was formed – you see there is a personal issue close to my heart – safety, and the public's perception of ‘a safe installation’.

A few years ago I decided to install a wood burner into my own home – I was informed that this could be done by one of two ways - 1) via a HETAS registered installer, 2) via a builder/competent person, and then signed off by a building control officer with the local council. I happened to know a ‘builder’ that carried out such installations regularly and so I asked him to install. Upon completion the building control officer inspected and issued a certificate. We happily used our 8kw appliance and loved the warm evenings in front of the fire.

A year later I happened upon a HETAS installer, and asked him to look at a chimney on a different side of my house with a view to carrying out another installation. Upon arrival at my house the HETAS installer noticed apparent issues with the previous installation, on further inspection inside it was discovered that regulations had not been followed and that the whole installation was a complete mess, the appliance was condemned due to possible danger to myself and all of my family – I was shocked and horrified to find that the way the work had been carried out was so poor that it could have caught fire at any time. My case has been investigated with the building control office, and there has been some admittance that the officer did not check over the installation fully, which has left me feeling upset, as I was assured by the council prior to starting the work, that all work is checked before signing off! This then instigated a number of conversations with the HETAS installer, who commented that there seemed to be a problem with many of the installations that are carried out and that most retailers do not seem to highlight potential issues or regulations that should be abided by. Pure Stoves & Fireplaces opened its doors in May 2012. We believe it should be law that HETAS installers are the only body that can install. Unfortunately, at present it is not and so we, as a retailer, feel we play a vital part in helping any member who comes into our showroom, to try to limit the amount of poor installations carried out in your homes.

Our aim is to guide and advise customers on regulations as set out in ‘approved document J’. We want to be able to offer the knowledge we have to enable our customers to make educated decisions about their installation, and not go into buying any appliance without full knowledge of the pitfalls that can occur.


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