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Why Choose Us

It is helpful to bring dimensions of your fireplace, but not essential as this information can be obtained following a survey, although, a photo will always help us to define what you have and we can advise accordingly.



Here Are Just A Few Questions We May Ask You:


What is the approximated age of the property? – This gives us some idea of the type of flue system you may have. Some flue systems were built with a typical opening and therefore will only allow us to fit smaller open fires or gas fires. This question is also usually asked to give the surveyor an idea before visiting to complete a survey.

Do you have a large number of windows/bay windows or a French door? – We ask this due to the fact that a large amount of glass can dissipate the heat dramatically.

Why do you want a Wood burner, Multi fuel, Gas or electric appliance? – This is an important question, there are many pros and cons of most appliances and it depends on whether you require the appliance for the aesthetics or heat? If it is for aesthetics then a lower kilowatt maybe required or, for heat, it maybe that you would require a multi fuel as having the ability to burn coal as it can burn over a longer period of time.

Where is the chimney within the room?- This question is asked as, if the chimney is at a gable end, or on an external wall then this can make the stack colder, making it harder for the flue system to draw efficiently this can be assessed and advised on a survey.



Organizing A Survey


At Pure Stoves & Fireplaces we will organize a FREE survey for you. We will either give you an appointment immediately, or we will call you to arrange a time which is convenient for you and our HETAS or Gas Safe qualified surveyor.


After Your Survey


Once you have had a survey completed, we are then given a list of any required stove and components, you can then re-visit the showroom (should you wish to) and let one of our experts advise you, so that together we can find an appliance and any hearth material that best suits, your requirements, your lifestyle and your home.

We will send a quote to you via email, which will show all the components necessary, we will also let you know the installation fee that would be due to the installers.


At Pure Stoves & Fireplaces We Offer Image Super Imposing


If you have any problems with visualising what your stove or fireplace will look like, or you are worried if it will look right. then don’t. Just provide us with a digital image and we can super impose your image with your choice.  If you choose a stove or inset, gas, electric or solid fuel we can match it up with a surround of your choice, and hearth to show you how your stove will look.


Installation & Fitting


As we are a supply only company we may recommend an installer, but it is your choice which installer you use.

Whether you choose to use the installer that we offer to you or someone else that you choose, we highly recommend that the installing person work so they are aware of the site requirements and regulations. We only ever use HETAS engineers and Gas safe engineers.

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